Monday, July 9, 2007

Forget Organic - Go Hydroponic

People pay a premium for organic produce but did you know that there is an even cleaner way to grow all your own fruit and vegetables at home, without paying a penny to the supermarkets? Market leader, Great Stuff Hydroponics, aims to explain how this is possible.

Known as hydroponics, the science of growing plants without using soil is set to become the next big thing amongst green-fingered, environmentally aware consumers. Instead of obtaining nutrients from the soil, plant roots are exposed directly to nutrient solutions, giving them balanced nutrition in an indoor, controlled environment. This method can be used to grow plants anywhere on earth, during any season.

Soil cannot contaminate the edible parts of the plant, and as a consequence, plants grown hydroponically are not at risk of soil borne diseases and are much less susceptible to pests. This leaves the plants naturally healthier than their soil-grown (geoponic) counterparts. Many commercially grown hydroponic plants have no need for pesticides and are actually certified organic.

There are many environmental advantages of growing plants hydroponically too. The hydroponic method only uses around 1/20th of the water used for irrigation on farms to grow the same quantity of food. Normally, the ‘run off’ from farms finds its way into the water table. Hydroponic growth therefore greatly reduces the effects of large scale agriculture on the water table, with the added advantage that the water used and its effects on the surrounding land can be accurately measured.

Hydroponic plants are already extensively grown commercially in Israel, Nicaragua and the US where people are able to cultivate fresh produce with limited water supplies in arid landscapes.

Switching to buying or growing hydroponic fruit and vegetables also has some benefits to the consumer; there is a reduced time delay between picking the plant and packaging it, meaning that it will stay fresher for longer. Additionally, because hydroponic plants have greater access to sunlight and better nutrition, produce can be healthier and tastier.

Steven Parker, director of Great Stuff Hydroponics says, “Hydroponic plant growth is something everyone can do at home using one of Great Stuff Hydroponic’s kits, for beginners or advanced growers. Due to the methods used, you can grow all your favourite fruits and vegetables out of season at home.”

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