Saturday, October 20, 2007

lets talk .com split testing case study

Lets talk .com case study with split testing
A great thing about internet marketing is that you can easily split test any page you want, without too high costs and it's very easy to track. When you go to any page of a big company that sells something directly of their site, you may think that what you see is what everyone sees, but that's HIGHLY Unlikely, as they are a big company who should be wise enough to do split testing. Split testing, or A-B Testing, is the process where you show two (or more) different pages to a visitor to see how the response is to each page.

This is the key to any marketing campaign. You can do the best analyzing you want, before you launch a campaign, but it's not until you actually launch the campaign to see what the results are. With Split testing you can test multiple pages (or campaigns) at the same moment. It's very likely that one campaign stands out, sometimes even with 400% more revenue!

As for lets talk .com, they could change the order of the "adviced" section on the right. Maybe they sell more expensive phones if they put it at the first spot, or maybe that stalls the sales too much. They might try a "FREE SHIPPING" Offer and set another page up with a "10%" Discount Offer and see what runs better. Both could potentially increase sales very well, but it's not until you test it, until you really know it.

That's why it's critical that any marketer, on- and offline, tracks his sales, and carefully analyzes what changes increase the sales (and happiness of customers) and which changes decrease it.

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